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Why BrfHub?


How does the program work?


What is BrfHub?

BrfHub is BRF's gateway to the Brazilian and international open innovation ecosystems. Formed by a team of experts, it is responsible for executing and marketing the company's business innovation strategy, and for contacting the companies enrolled in the Challenges Program.

What is the BRF Challenges Program?

The Challenges Program is part of BRF's strategy to accelerate new businesses development. Through the announcement of important business challenges to the global innovation ecosystem, the company wishes to connect with new partners that offer cutting-edge technological solutions, resulting in mutual development so it can fulfill its mission of feeding the world with quality and sustainability.

What are the BRF's challenges?

BRF's challenges are focused on Food Waste & Safety. Click here to learn more about the challenges.

What are the benefits of joining the Program?

Click here to check out the advantages of working with BrfHub.

How to participate in the BRF Challenges Program?

To participate, tell us what your profile is and apply here.

What kind of companies are you searching for?

We are looking for startu ps, scale ups, academic spin-offs and similar profiles. The enrolled companies must offer technological solutions that are necessarily applicable to BRF's challenges.

What kind of entrepreneur profile are you looking for?

We are open to all types of entrepreneur teams, especially the ones formed by experts in their respective knowledge fields and that dedicate over 50% of their working hours to their business.

Can I apply as an individual or do I need a company registration number?

A company registration number is necessary for application.

Do I need to have a MVP to apply?

It is not necessary to have a working MVP in order to apply.

Are there any charges to participate in the Program? If so, are they funded by BRF?

No, the application for the challenges is free. Travel costs for the candidates' attendance on the events of the Program may be funded by BRF.

Does the company need to be based in Brazil or São Paulo to participate?

No, companies may be based anywhere as long as they can legally operate in Brazil.

What is the Program schedule and how will it work?

Click here to learn more details about each phase of the Program.

What is the deadline to apply for the challenges? How long will the Program last?

The application deadline 2020/05/31. Click here to learn more details about each phase of the Program.

What criteria will be used to evaluate the participants along the Program?

Technology and business maturity, technology adherence to the proposed challenge, team qualification, pilot project time and cost of execution.

Is it allowed to apply for more than one challenge?

Yes, but the participation in the Program is limited to one challenge per company.

Will BRF invest in the companies that win the challenges?

Each pilot project will be evaluated independently and the companies may receive a funding proposal according to the achieved results.

Does the company have to give away any equity to BRF to participate?

There is no equity transfer to BRF for the execution of the pilot project.

Does the company have to provide any intellectual property rights to BRF to participate?

The intellectual property rights that exist prior to the carrying out of the pilot project will remain bellonging to their original owners. If new intelectual properties are generated during the interaction between the companies throughout the pilot project execution, the rights over them will be shared among BRF and the company.

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